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Uzbekistan, South Korea to advance strategic partnership

17 June 2014

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As it was reported earlier, President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-hye arrived in Uzbekistan on June 16 with her first state visit on the invitation of President Islam Karimov.

Notwithstanding the geographical distance between Uzbekistan and the Country of Morning Freshness, our two peoples have from ancient times been bound with close friendly ties. The two nations are equally distinct with such qualities as devotion to the country and people, ability to take care of and uphold the heritage and values of ancestors, kindness and compassion, sincerity and purity of intentions, generosity and magnanimity, respect for seniors and care for the younger, diligence and selflessness. The people of Korea will never forget the graciousness, kindheartedness and earnestness of the people of Uzbekistan who sheltered and cordially received the tens of thousands of Koreans who turned out in our country sometime in the past by the will of the destiny. 

Currently, as a result of the consistent dialogue and similarity of aspirations between our two states, a close strategic partnership has been established that is built on openness, mutual respect and confidence and that has been enriched constantly with new content.

Detachedly assessing the past years of our fruitful cooperation, one can say that the Republic of Korea is a time-tested and reliable strategic partner for Uzbekistan who has comprehensively supported our country in the course of the national programs in economic and social development as well as its steady integration into the world community.

Major events of the current visit took place on June 17 at the Kuksaroy residence. During the official ceremony of meeting the President of the Republic of Korea, the guard of honor lined up in esteem for the high-ranking guest. Presidents Islam Karimov and Park Geun-hye rose to the podium and paid tribute to the state anthems of the two nations. The two leaders walked along the guard of honor.

The heads of state met first in a contracted format and exchanged views on issues pertaining to the bilateral cooperation and pressing topics in regional and international affairs.

"We consider the first state visit by President Park Geun-hye to Uzbekistan as a vital political and symbolic event in the history of Uzbek-South Korean relations, as a firm aspiration of the two sides to continue with and expand the frameworks of the traditionally fruitful dialogue at the highest level, to afford a new potent impetus to the consolidation of ties of friendship and strategic cooperation. Today, we see in the Republic of Korea a modern highly-advanced country that wields tremendous economic, innovation and intellectual potential, that which owing to the comprehensively well-thought-out and long-term development strategy occupies by right - in terms of many parameters - leading positions in the world economy and a well-deserved place in the global system of international relations," Islam Karimov said.

As it was noted during the talks, the meeting is an important phase in the process of the dynamic evolution of multifaceted relations, a convenient opportunity for a comprehensive analysis of their current state and for the definition of prospective priority dimensions as well as for the enrichment of the vigorously advancing strategic partnership with new practical content.

"Uzbekistan was from the ancient times the heart of the Great Silk Road, and today, thanks to the dynamic growth of its economy and the favorable investment climate, it spurs interest of many countries around the world. Uzbekistan is South Korea's major partner in Central Asia. Though it is the first time I am in Uzbekistan, yet owing to the friendly atmosphere, openness and sincerity of people, I feel as if I was surrounded by long-time friends. This kind of environment and the high mood is another evidence of the consolidation and steadfast development of strategic partnership between our two nations," Park Geun-hye suggested.  [Read full article here].