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Special Issue: Useful Resources for US Businesses Interested in Doing Business in Uzbekistan

29 April 2014

Dear AUCC Members and Friends:

As interest from the US business community in Uzbekistan continues to increase, we have decided to focus this issue on some helpful resources that a new, or even an existing, US company may consider useful when preparing to visit the country and apply for Uzbek visa or undertaking an in-depth country market research and arranging for an in-country translator.  Please note that these resources are just a suggestion and not recommendation.  

We hope this information can help you be better prepared and know what to expect when exploring the Uzbek market of opportunities.    

Reports on Doing Business and Investing in Uzbekistan

Due diligence is an important part of understanding the market's business dynamics, cultural nuances and geopolitical sensitivities to better assess and evaluate your company's business prospects and opportunities. Several US government agencies and international financial institutions as well as private organizations have been producing reports on Uzbekistan, some of these include:

US Government Agencies and International Financial Institutions

US companies are strongly encouraged to keep the following US Government agencies and international financial institutions informed of their business intentions and plans for Uzbekistan.  There are export resources and insurance covers available to US businesses to mitigate risks, promote exports, provide advocacy and facilitate better trade that can be obtained through the following institutions:

Key Uzbek Government Agencies Involved in Foreign Economic Activity

There are several Uzbek state agencies and organizations that US companies are encouraged to meet with at the onset of their business activities in Uzbekistan.  Understanding their structure, functions, responsibilities, requirements and regulations set forth by these organizations can help minimize and/or overcome bureaucratic hurdles and challenges as well as ensure full compliance with the Uzbek legislation. Key organizations that are involved in operations of the US and other foreign companies in Uzbekistan include:  

Obtaining Uzbek Visa

Before planning a trip, please consider visiting the website of the Uzbek Embassy in Washington DC that has a detailed overview of the visa processes involved


According to the Uzbek Embassy's website: 


"Requirements to obtain Business visa for US citizens:

  1. Official letter of employer
  2. One duly completed and signed Visa Application Form.
  3. Valid original passport
  4. Copy of passport (copy of pages with personal data, visas, stamps and other records).
  5. One passport size color photo
  6. Visa fee for U.S. Citizens:

    10 business days processing - US $ 160.00 

    4 business days processing - US $ 240.00


[Read the Embassy's visa overview here].


For any visa-related questions please contact Mr. Sirojiddin Yakhshlikov, Consul, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United States of Americaphone: +1 (202) 530 7291, e-mail: 


Obtaining Legal Advice

While many of the Uzbek foreign investment laws, such

as:  1) Law on Foreign Investments, 2) Law on Investment Activities, 3) Law on Guarantees and Measures of Protection of Rights of Foreign Investors, 4) Cabinet of Ministers' Resolution #110 About Approval of the Situation on the Procedure for Development, Carrying out Examination and Approval of Documentation of Investment Projects, and 5) Cabinet of Ministers' Resolution #180 About measures for implementation of the Presidential decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About additional measures for stimulation of attraction of direct private foreign investments are in English and are easily accessible, US businesses and investors are best advised to obtain good in-country legal advice.  

Given a multinational nature of businesses run by many companies and corporations, it is also advisable to check with the ICSID database on the Bilateral Investment Treaties that were signed and ratified between foreign governments and the Republic of Uzbekistan.   

The following listing of law firms that specialize in Uzbekistan is just a suggestion and should not be perceived as recommendation or promotion of their services and expertise:

US companies may also consider checking with the US Embassy in Tashkent and the Uzbek Embassy in Washington DC for additional suggestions.  

Arranging Translators

Communications is a key to doing business in Uzbekistan. Accurate and precise translation is instrumental to your company's ability to explain your objectives, strategies and tactics to Uzbek partners and clients.  US companies are strongly encouraged to speak to members of the international business community in Uzbekistan and seek their advice on the best translation service available.

While AUCC does not have any preferred or recommended service-providers, we were told that the following companies may be worth considering.  Please note that AUCC neither endorse nor promote these companies.      


Translation Agency TRACE

GMC Translation Service


US companies may also consider checking with the US Embassy in Tashkent and the Uzbek Embassy in Washington DC for additional suggestions.