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Invitation to the International Conference "Vegetable Growing, Horticulture and Viticulture - the Source of Increasing the Efficiency of a Food Programme"

18 March 2014


to the International Conference

"Vegetable Growing, Horticulture and Viticulture - the Source of Increasing the Efficiency of a Food Programme"


The Government of Uzbekistan is organizing the International Conference "Vegetable Growing, Horticulture and Viticulture - the Source of Increasing the Efficiency of a Food Programme". The conference will be held on the week of April 21, 2014 in Tashkent city. 


The Uzbek side will cover each participant's international airfare to and from Tashkent city, local transportation, hotel accommodations and meals.  In addition, the Organizing Committee will organize a complimentary tour to the city of Samarkand.

The key issues to be addressed during the conference include:

- Ensuring healthy and balanced nutrition - a key factor to improve the longevity and quality of human life;

- Development of seed and advanced agricultural technologies as a basis for improving the efficiency of agricultural production;
- Increased cooperation with international financial institutions and foreign investors - a key factor in attracting investment for development of horticulture;
- Development of logistics systems, storage of fresh produce and its delivery to the main consumer markets;
- Modern approaches to the definition of cropping patterns and the development of farming;
- Production of modern agricultural machinery, development of relevant capacities and infrastructure as a basis for further modernization of agricultural production.


The Conference will be held for 2 days:

On the first day the participants will visit farms, agro-firms and small businesses, specializing in producing, processing and exporting fruits and vegetables in the regions of Samarkand and Tashkent;

The second day - the opening ceremony and plenary session, breakout sessions and the final plenary session.


Representatives from the following organizations are invited:

- International and foreign governmental organizations engaged in investment projects, technical assistance programs and research in the abovementioned areas;

- Foreign scientific and analytical centers, research institutions and universities, as well as private companies that specialize in providing high-tech knowledge-intensive services for the agricultural sector (the study of soils and plants, selection of promising varieties, crop zoning, etc.); 

- Private companies engaged in fruit and vegetable growing, viticulture, production of melon cultures and potatoes, as well as associations of producers of agricultural products;

- Industrial companies and manufacturers of equipment and technologies for the agricultural sector and processing and storage of agricultural products;

- Transport and logistics companies and other firms engaged in storage of fruits and vegetables, its delivery to domestic and external customers;

- Financial institutions (development banks, commercial banks, special funds, etc.) engaged in investment projects in the agricultural sector.


The conference is expected to be attended by 250 international participants. 

For those who would like to participate please send the following information to uzbembtrade@gmail.com:
- Full Name
- Organization Name
- Position
- Participant's publications and/or activities to promote development of rural housing or similar programs/projects
- Contact information (phone, fax, e-mail).


For any questions please contact Mr. Laziz Kudratov, Counselor on Trade & Economic Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United States of America
phone: +1 (202) 530 7299
mobile: +1 (202) 679 9945
fax: +1 (202) 293 6804