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Pharmaceutical industry to implement projects for US$290.5m

2 August 2012

http://uzdaily.com/ of 8/2/2012 - Pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan will implement 39 new investment projects for US$290.5 million in 2012-2013, the chairperson of the Board of the Uzpharmasanoat state joint stock concern Mirzanazim Dusmuratov said.

He said that 23 projects of them for US$157 million were included to the State Investment Programme for 2012.

Priority directions are projects directed at production of generic medicaments, thus highly demanded medicaments and currently imported to the country, he added.

Among such projects are project of Salibrus Vita with the cost of US$21 million on production of medicaments, normalizing intestinal microflora, Albifarma with the cost of US$8 million on production of victimized medicaments, Nika Farm with the cost of US$5.3 million on production of cardiology medicament, etc.

Dusmuratov said that 12 projects are implemented in Tashkent city, four in Tashkent region, two in Syrdarya region and one project in Navoi and Samarkand regions each.

Mirzanazim Dusmuratov stated that pharmaceutical industry plans to increase production by 40% and produce goods for 366 billion soums.

Dusmuratov said that the companies will manufacture 720 million units of pharmaceutical products in 2012. Share of local production in pharmaceutical market will close to 43%.

It is planned that Uzbekistan will launch production of new 30 medicaments, which are used in preventing and treating socially important and socially dangerous diseases.

In the first half of 2012, the volume of production made up 158.3 billion soums (+21.5% year-on-year). At the same time, production of medicaments made up 129.7 billion soums and goods of medical purpose - 16.9 billion soums, additional materials - 7 billion soums and other goods - 4.7 billion soums (+37.1%), he said.

The companies produced 272.1 million units of products, including 110.8 million units of medical products, 93.5 million units of goods of medical purpose, and 59.5 million units of additional materials. Jurabek laboratories, Radiks, Nobelfarmsanoat, Samo, Uzgermedfarm, Merrimedfarm, Elastikum and Aziya Trade achieved high growth tempo.

Currently, some 129 enterprises produce medicaments and medical goods and they produce 1,130 medicaments.

Pharmaceutical industry today achieves high tempo of growth. The growth of the industry made up 25% or 296.4 billion soums. Share of enterprises of Uzpharmsanoat in pharmaceutical market makes up 89%.

In recent years, some 200 medicaments and medical goods were registered in foreign countries. Uzbek pharmaceutical enterprises export goods to 11 states, among them are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, India, Turkmenistan and Russia. Currently, necessary measures are undertaken to start exports to South Korea, Mongolia, China, South Africa, European states.

In 2011, the industry attracted investments for US$70 million, of which 74% were used to create new capacities, 26% to modernize exisiting capacities. The construction works were completed on 12 projects. In the result, new capacities on production of syringes, ampule, tablet and infusion medicaments, bottles, and others were launched.