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Interview with AUCC Chairperson Carolyn Lamm Before 2012 Uzbekistan-US Annual Business Forum

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From Collective Trauma to Collective Healing: How to Self-Care Despite Adversity

13 September 2020

From Collective Trauma to Collective Healing: How to Self-Care Despite Adversity
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EST
Thursday September 10, 2020

The event is part of the series initiated by the Mental Health Task Force under the DC Mayor’s Commission on the Asian and Pacific Islanders Community Development.


Ben De Guzman, Director, DC Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs

Dr. Elif Gokcigdem, Founder, Empathy-Building Through Museums Initiative

Dr. Sabrina N’Diaye, Integrative Psychotherapist, Founder, Heart Nest Center for Peace and Healing

 Dr. G Wei Ng, Diversity Coordinator / Staff Psychologist, Towson University 

Moderated by:

Karen Kwok, MSN, FNP-BC, MPH, Program Evaluator & Strategic Planner, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner


Elena V. Son, Executive Director, AUCC, USKGZBC, USTJBC and USABI

United in grief, empathy, collective healing and resilience is the theme of this workshop.  Held on the eve of September 11 commemoration, we ask you to join us and reflect on how collective trauma can lead to collective healing, peacebuilding and a more united community that is respectful, compassionate, empathetic and kind to each other and, most importantly, to ourselves.  In these troubling times, everyone may feel stressed and vulnerable. Now more than ever it is important to find ways to protect and care for your mental health.  These and other questions will be reviewed during our 2nd workshop of the mental health series on building resilience during challenging times launched originally in April 2020:

·  How do we ground ourselves when everything feels uncertain?

·  How can we foster healing and connection during physical distancing?

·  Most importantly, how can we show up for ourselves and our communities?

Special thanks to Joe Do and Nick Lepham who helped make this event possible. We would also like to acknowledge Kevin Michael Days, Director of Community Relations at the Office of Government and Community Relations at the GW University, Father George Kokhno, Head Priest at St. Nicholas Cathedral and his colleague, Olexander Nemchenko, as well as USKGZBC and USTJBC for their support with raising awareness about this event among the respective networks.  Once again, our deepest gratitude goes to all of you for your commitment to the community.