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If we fail to expand the aircrafts fleet we will lose the market - Deputy PM

14 February 2020

At the Uzbekistan Aviation & Logistics Forum (UAALF-2020) scheduled for February 19-20, Uzbekistan authorities will be discussing purchase of short- and medium-haul aircrafts for regional flights, the Minister of Transport Elyor Ganiev announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

He confirmed that it is planned to buy these types of aircrafts notably for Humo air which will be operating domestic and regional flights.

"Currently, negotiations are underway with a number of companies, including Russian Sukhoi and Brazilian Embraer," said Elyor Ganiev. Howver the minister did not elaborate on details.

The Deputy PM/Chairman of the Tourism Development Committee, Aziz Abduhakimov, said that if the number of aircraft is not increased, then Uzbekistan may lose the market to Kazakhstan.

"The population of Uzbekistan is 34 million people, while that of in Kazakhstan - 18 million. But Kazakhstan airlines have over 100 aircrafts, whereas we have only 29 ... We have pre-ordered 5 aircrafts, they - 58 aircrafts. In the coming years, they will have about 160 aircraft, so we should think about expanding the fleet. If we do not, then we may lose the market," he said.

According to him, extraordinary steps will be taken within the next five years to turn Uzbekistan Airways "into the largest, strongest, most developed, with the largest number of aircraft, flights, passenger traffic in the region."

In addition, it is expected that Uzbekistan Helicopters will discuss the acquisition of new Western-style helicopters to develop tourism and provide business services, said Elyor Ganiev.

Earlier, Elyor Ganiyev announced the plans to create at least five more airlines in Uzbekistan.