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Uzbek diplomats visit Florida state research centers

23 January 2020

Representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the United States held meetings at leading medical research centers in Tampa (Florida), Dunyo reported.

In particular, the delegation visited the Center for the Study of Advanced Medicine and Simulation at the University of South Florida (CAMLS), one of the largest technologically advanced medical institutions in the United States, whose activities are aimed at the integrated development of professional skills of students of medical schools, health workers and emergency services.

The training methodology at the Center is based on the use of simulation and modeling in order to improve clinical skills and patient experience.

According to the Center’s chief manager, Paul Aires, training is conducted in a realistic learning environment through the use of modern medical technologies, hardware devices, drugs and special patient models that fully reproduce the physical condition of a person and his body.

In the patient reception rooms, all actions of the medical worker with the patients are practiced - from greeting to informing his relatives about the results of operations.

The center also provides training for medical personnel of foreign countries. In this context, representatives of the Center expressed their readiness to develop an adapted training program for Uzbek doctors, including with the departure of CAMLS experts in Uzbekistan.

A meeting was also held with the president of the Lions EyeInstitute Transplant & Research (LEITR), Jason Woody.

As part of the One World Sight Alliance initiative, the Center facilitates the delivery of more than 12 thousand corneas to various countries, regularly conducting charity operations to restore vision to those who are unable to pay for the operation.

In 2019, the Research Center in Uzbekistan conducted 17 operations for the transplantation of patients' eye tissue, however, according to LEITR experts, the need for them in the country is higher.

As noted by the head of the center, Jason Woody, the introduction of the latest methods and technologies of ocular transplantology with the creation of a donor tissue bank will solve the problem of treatment and rehabilitation of a large number of people, including those with severe corneal pathology.

In this regard, an agreement was reached on the creation of the “Regional Training Center” on the basis of the Republican Specialized Center for Eye Microsurgery, which will become a hub for training personnel, storing and distributing donor tissue, as well as performing corneal transplantology and treating other eye diseases for the entire Central region Of Asia.

For a more detailed discussion of the conditions for the implementation of this initiative, a delegation of the Research Center for Eye Transplantation will visit Uzbekistan in the near future. During the visit, a series of workshops and corneal transplant operations are also planned.