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The Ministry of Health of The Republic of Uzbekistan, Represented by the Working Body of the State Unitary Enterprise O'zmedimpeks, Announces Tender for the Purchase of Contraceptives

4 July 2019

Both foreign firms and organizations, as well as domestic producers (suppliers), including small businesses that have fulfilled the conditions for participation in them, as well as those who have experience in supplying the corresponding volumes of products purchased on a tender basis can take part in tenders.

1. Name and address of the working body of the tender commission:

State Unitary Enterprise "O'zmedimpeks", Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent 100007, ul. M. Ulugbek, 32-b. Tel: (+998 71) 268 25 44; 268 03 24, fax: (+998 71) 268 36 01.

E-mail: info@medimpex.uz, uzmed.safaev@gmail.com.

2. Subject of the tender:

No. of poses

Tender subject

Annual consumption for 2019

Quantity for purchase

The marginal cost of goods per unit in US dollars.

The maximum amount in US dollars.

The amount of the deposit in US dollars


Single-component hormonal oral contraceptives (each of the 35 active pills contains only levonorgestrel 0.03)




137 600.00


Two-component hormonal oral contraceptives (28 tablets, out of 21 active tablets contains levonorgestrel 0.150 mg) (in cycles)




112 000.00


Injectable contraceptives (medroxyprogesterone acetate) (in vials)

562 500





3. Address and location of the tender: Tashkent, st. Navoi 12, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

4. Under the tender, the tender commission will conduct a qualification selection of participants who are allowed to participate in the tender. Qualification requirements for bidders:

- is not in the process of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy;

- has the necessary technical, financial, material, human and other resources for the execution of the contract;

- has no debt to pay taxes and other obligatory payments;

- provide in due time all the necessary documents to confirm the qualification criteria;

- does not have inadequate fulfillment of obligations undertaken under previously concluded contracts;

- is not in the Unified Register of unscrupulous executors;

- established at least 6 months before the tender is announced;

- is not in a state of judicial or arbitration with the Customer or the Working body;

- not registered in the states or in the territories providing preferential tax treatment and / or not providing for the disclosure and provision of information during financial transactions (offshore zones), as well as the absence of accounts in banks located in offshore zones. With the exception of companies whose production facilities are located in these territories.

5. Terms of delivery:

- for domestic suppliers: DDP, Buyer's warehouse in Tashkent;

- for foreign suppliers: DAP-Tashkent.

6. Payment terms, requirements for the design of the tender offer and other requirements are specified in the tender documentation.

7. The form of bidding (tender offer guarantee) are specified in the tender documentation.

8. Tender bids are accepted until 12:00 pm 05.08.2019g. Tashkent time, at the address: Republic of Uzbekistan, 100007, Tashkent, ul. M. Ulugbek 32-b. Telephone: (+998 71) 268-35-09, 268-25-44, fax: (+998 71) 268-36-01. E-mail: info@medimpex.uz, uzmed.safaev@gmail.com.

9. Responsible person: О.N. Safaev - Head of the Department of State Unitary Enterprise "O'ZMEDIMPEKS". Tel: (+998 71) 2683509, 268 25 44; E-mail: info@medimpex.uz, uzmed.safaev@gmail.com.

10. The complete set of documentation for tenders is published on a special information portal www.xarid.uz and / or according to the above details of the working body.

Download Tender Documentation