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Uzbekistan launches capacities to produce insulin

2 June 2019

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) - In April of this year, a plant with a production capacity of 10 million ampoules of insulin per year began operating in the village of Khartoum, Andijan district.

Currently, the Ministry of Health, the Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Zamin Bio Health LLC have begun a large-scale investment project in Andijan region for the production of insulin used for the treatment of diabetes.


It is known that diabetes mellitus belongs to a number of endocrine diseases caused by complete or partial insufficiency of the hormone insulin. As a result, a constant increase in the level of glucose, hyperglycemia, is observed in the blood. The disease is chronic and is characterized by impaired metabolic processes (carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral and water-salt). In our country, all the necessary clinical research work has been completed for the production of high-quality and insulin-compatible preparation “Insulin”.

Clinical trials of three types of insulin "Juslin N", "Juslin R", "Juslin 30/70" ended successfully. Recently, these drugs have passed the state registration and received permission for their use in medical practice.

Until now, the insulin was imported into the country. With the full capacity of the enterprise, 30 percent of the production will cover the domestic market, the share of imports of this drug will be reduced, export opportunities will be expanded, foreign currency will be saved and the cost of the drug will be reduced.