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Uzbekistan sees steady gas export growth

17 November 2014

Uzbekistan’s exports to China amounted to 360 MMcm in September, according to Chinese customs data. This represents steady growth over 2014 and a 56.52% increase year on year.

Kazakhstan exported 30 MMcm to China in September, a significant jump from 10 MMcm in the same month of 2013. Kazakh exports to China started in July 2013 and have remained reasonably stable since then.

Astana has embarked on a programme to increase gas distribution in the country, which burns large amounts of coal, but progress has been slow. Kazakhstan produced 31.52 bcm of gas between January and September 2014, a 1.9% increase year on year. Dry gas production increased by 4.4% to 15.61 bcm and associated gas production remained level at 15.92 bcm, according to the Kazakh State Agency for Statistics.

Turkmenistan sent 2.38 bcm to Chinese customers in September 2014, almost equal to the 2.39 bcm sent in September 2013. Turkmenistan remains the largest pipeline gas exporter to China – it exported 24.78 bcm to the country in 2013, according to Chinese customs data.

Neighbouring Azerbaijan, which has a focus on exports to the West, is planning to significantly increase production. Baku forecasts gas production in the country will be 30.20 bcm in 2018, an increase of 6.3% compared with 2014, a government representative told Interfax. Production will be 29.55 bcm in 2016 and 29.92 bcm in 2017. First gas from Phase 2 of the flagship Shah Deniz project is expected in 2018, with exports to Georgia and Turkey. Total gas exports are expected to be 16 bcm after exports to Europe start in 2019.

Azerbaijan produced 29.45 bcm of gas in 2013. Production in 2014-2015 is expected to decrease slightly to 28.42 bcm. Baku is looking to increase gas production to alleviate the effects of declining oil production. Azerbaijan produced 43.16 mt in 2013 and output is expected to be 41.65 mt in 2014 and 40.31 mt in 2018.