Ms. Carolyn Lam, Chairman of the Board, American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Timothy McGraw, President, American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce
Members of American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce

Dear Ms. Lam:
Dear Mr. McGraw:
Dear members of the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce:

It gives me great pleasure to extend my most sincere congratulations on the 20th anniversary of American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce. I would like to take this pleasant opportunity to express to you the assurance of my highest respect.

Without exaggeration, American Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce has for many years gathered under its roof the largest and most advanced companies of both countries, and has taken on a very special role in developing and strengthening long-term and multifaceted relationships of strategic partnership between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the United States of America.

Over many years of fruitful and proactive service, AUCC has secured a well-deserved reputation and become an influential institution, making significant contributions to development and strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation between our two countries in such areas as trade, economy, and investment.

We hold in the highest esteem AUCC activities and those of its members - world renowned corporations such as General Motors, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and many others. These activities have brought U.S. investments and advanced technologies to Uzbekistan, as well as helped to set up new production capabilities that can successfully compete on the global market.

At the core of successful cooperation lies not only a growing mutual interest by both countries to do business together, but, first and foremost, stable and dynamic economic growth, a favorable investment climate in Uzbekistan, and our country's tremendous human and natural resources.

Here in Uzbekistan, we assign a particular significance to further effective development of cooperation with the United States in investment activities. We are prepared to provide comprehensive support to expand America's business presence in Uzbekistan - primarily in such areas as automotive industry, machine-building, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil and gas extraction, petrochemicals, electronics and electrical engineering, food products, and other industries.

In this regard, we fully support the effective efforts of AUCC in seeking to advance bilateral dialogue on the basis of mutual trust and respect, increase the volume of direct investment into high-technology branches of our economy, and strengthen U.S-Uzbek trade and economic relations as a whole.

On the occasion of this remarkable date for all of us, I would like to extend once again my heartfelt greetings to leaders and members of American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce. I sincerely wish you all great health and continued success in your constructive endeavors.

Islam Karimov,
President, Republic of Uzbekistan

19 August 2013